Welcome to The Handyman’s Wife! Thank you so much for stop11297_793908460654105_9074432450477684124_nping by!

I’m a newly married ex-country girl who has just moved to the city with my wonderful handyman husband and my adorable cat, Dixie. Here you’ll find a myriad of topics including what I’m cooking up in the kitchen, as well as snapshots from my life as the wife of a handyman, personal ponderings, cute anecdotes pertaining to my devoted feline and, of course, plenty of inspiration¬†to let loose and enjoy life to its fullest!

I met my husband three years ago, and we’ve been married just three months. Like any really great love story ours is beautiful, and has taken us on many wild rides. Today, we are that couple who stops in the middle of the grocery store to exchange a peck on the top of the head. We drift to sleep holding hands, and we constantly bring a smile and a laugh to each other as we go through life hand in hand with Dixie following close behind us.

I believe in putting good food on the table and making one’s home a personal utopia.

Right now my personal utopia is scattered with pumpkins, a light up autumn tree and a sparkly cat donned as a fun and whimsical witch. I believe it’s important and necessary to fully embrace each passing season, and my way of doing so is by completely redecorating my home in tune with each current period of time.

While many of my recipes come from sites which will always be cited, I delight in trying new foods and letting my creativity in the kitchen go wild.

I received my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English¬†and Literature, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in Media Studies. I worked as a Living-Arts and News staff writer for my University newspaper, and later served as the News Editor. One of my greatest loves in the world is writing, and I hope that will be reflected in each of my posts.

The main purpose of this site is to encourage, inspire, and rejuvenate my readers to go out and enjoy life to its maximum capacity, regardless of where they are in life. If I have succeeded in doing so then I have done my job well.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and sit back for a while. You’ll be glad you did!